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6 Ways of Taking Care of Your Kidney

How to take care of your kidney

1.) Reduce the work load of your kidney: Take actions to change your diet
to lower harmful toxins in your blood to ensure the kidneys proper
functions to eliminate harmful tosxins. Your blood gets strained more than
20-25 times. So it is crucial that you reduce the amount of work on your kidney

2.) Drink 8-10 Glasses of Water/day: To help the kidney to easily eliminate toxins in your body
through frequent urination, and also to prevent stone formation. Imagine a reservoir with low water levels.
It can't carry objects downstream.

3.)Eat Detoxifying Foods: Like Fruits and vegetables to help your kidney remove excess acid through urination.
Antioxidant foods can help prevent damage to cells caused by free radicals in the body.

4.)Ensure Magnesium Intake: Due HBP and toxic overload and your magnesium is deficient, the kidney function is largely
affected. Ensure that you eat as many as dark green vegetables, seeds, nuts and whole grains.

5.)Reduced Salt and protein: the body spends lot of energy elminitaing excess protein, salt and water.
your kidneys will have to work harder removing excess salt, protien and water. Though salt is essential in maintaining fluid balance
if not properly filtered it can cause HPB (High Blood Pressure) that can lead to heart attack and stroke. Drinking too much water when it's not needed also puts extra
stress on kidneys that can lead to renal damage.

6.)Calcium mineral supplements: The Kidney performs a crucial role in calcium supplement supply in the body. Up on reduced calcium intake, a hormone is actually released. 
This hormone in conjunction with vitamin D encourages release of calcium through bones which is soaked up from the intestine. However though, kidney is actually actively 
involved in staying away from osteoporosis, excess calcium supplement in kidney stones. As a result it is essential to have an organic diet that is full of calcium and to 
steer clear of supplements unless informed to do so by a competent physician.

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