Huwebes, Oktubre 31, 2013

Health Risk of Red Meat Diet!!

This information should be shared for those people who don't know about the dangers in eating red meat of domesticated animals such as pork, beef, and chicken meat, according to the research of American Journal of Clinical Studies that a person who eats animal meats will have a higher percentage of developing coronary heart disease than those who do not consumed animal meat like the above mentioned. Those animals are overdosed with different kinds of antibiotics while raising them this is dangerous to our health because these antibiotics according to the research can cause cancer. 

90% of Cows has a higher risk of developing Mad Cow Disease (brain shrinkage disease) this condition can be diagnose during 5th year of a Cow, but breeders don't usually take this long years because they slaughter the cow before they reach that age. We are at risk by eating contaminated parts of the cow in that way the Bovine Spongiform encephalopathy virus is easily transferred to a person. This is fatal because it is neurodenegerative disease it attacks our brain and our spinal cord.

Research says that the most toxic meat is the chicken meat because of different antibiotics taken. Meat is difficult to digest by our digestive system especially the liver, it will take a day or two to digest it. This meat diet can lead to lack of fiber which will lead to many diseases like 
Constipation, High Blood Pressure, Colon Cancer, and more.

Meats are a good source of protein but too much protein intake can lead to a kidney damage.

To start living healthy gradually shift your diet to green leafy vegetables this will strengthen our body's immune system to fight & prevent chronic diseases like

1.) Cardiovascular disease
2.) Cancer
3.) Diabetes

A must try herbal juice drink "First Vita Plus Natural Health Drink" made from premium leaves of:

1.) Moringa Oliefera
2.) Capsicum Frutescens
3.) Corchorus Olitorius
4.) Amaranthus Spinusos
5.) Ipomoea Batatas

According to the research of our Filipino Scientists, Herbalists and Doctors that these humble leaves are packed with complete Vitamins, Fibers, Micro-nutrients, Phytochemicals, Antioxidants that will help us prevent diseases because


No preservative or chemicals added, it is very safe for 6 month old baby up to elderly, with or without disease, want to gain weight or lose weight even pregnant woman can drink it.

No Approved Therapeutic Claim
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