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Become a Dealer Now

Would you like to become a First Vita Plus dealer and earn some extra cash while reaping the health benefits of First Vita Plus Natural Health Drinks? A one time purchase of a First Vita Plus Power Pack (1 traveling bag + 10 boxes of Vita Plus + 2 FREE boxes of First Vita Plus = 12 boxes of First Vita Plus). Pay only PhP7,699.00 for a total savings of PhP1,541.00

Once you become a registered dealer of First Vita Plus, you are automatically encoded in the company’s computerized tracking system and you will be given a business number.

You will also get a 25% Lifetime discount on all First Vita Plus products, Herbal Blessings, and Amazing Moringa Products on your succeeding purchases.

Dealers have the privilege to use First Vita Plus’ air-conditioned facilities like seminar rooms and lounges for FREE.

Dealers are offered training, seminars and lectures for FREE which First Vita Plus regularly provides.

Five (5) ways to earn:

1) Direct Selling
A dealer is entitled to an outright 25% discount from all the First Vita Plus products and has the liberty to buy and sell products optionally at a profit margin based on his/her discretion. There is NO SALES QUOTA! and NO MAINTENANCE. This priviledge is exclusively given to a dealer either for their personal use or for their direct selling business.

2) Sales Commission (SC)
Once you become a First Vita Plus dealer, you will now have the privilege of earning through the sponsoring systemEach time you sponsor a person to become a Dealer, you earn incentive through Sales Commissions amounting toPhP 500. They will be registered automatically under your sales group

You can sponsor unlimited number of New Direct Dealers under your sales group.

3) Enhanced Sales Override Commission (ESOC)
A First Vita Plus Dealer will receive a convenience pack of First Vita Plus (10 sachets) or Fruity Pack in 3 variants (banana, mango and pineapple) amounting to PhP 385 worth of products – depending on his/her choice through enhanced sales override commission (ESOC). This is when your Direct Dealers will also have their own dealers under them.

4) Group Sales Override Commission (GSOC)
First Vita Plus dealers receive a bonus of PhP 1,500 for every group sales match. Dealers will be assigned with two (2) sales groups. Regardless of whether he/she is a direct or indirect sponsor, a dealer receives a maximum of 10 SALES MATCHES per Day until infinity for as long as his/her group sales A matches with group sales B in the main network, it does not have to be balanced.

5) Three Level Rebates
All First Vita Plus dealers are given lifetime rebates from all the products purchased (repeat orders) by their downlines up to the third level.

All your 1st level rebates come from your direct sponsors. The 2nd level rebates are from your indirect sponsors. The 3rd level rebates are from the dealers of your indirect sponsors. All rebates are based on GROSS SALES.

All your 1st level rebates come from your direct sponsors. The 2nd level rebates are from your indirect sponsors. The 3rd level rebates are from the dealers of your indirect sponsors. All rebates are based on GROSS SALES

Do I get other stuffs aside from my Powerpack order? On top of your powerpack purchase, we would also be including freebies included with the shipment: FVP updated Presentation Clearbook & Marketing Tools, Tarpaulin, DVD presentation & New Dealers Training Disc. +++ online Exclusive Access to our group’s Online Database of FVP relevant docs, video & audio trainings and more…

Regular Price may vary because of  Shipping Price.

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