Martes, Nobyembre 5, 2013

Carbonated Beverages Health Risk

This article is intended to give information to people who love to drink carbonated, and other refreshing beverages that has artificial sweetener and preservative although they say there is little content but if accumulated can lead to serious health problem. People love drinking these kinds of beverages without knowing what are the health risk it may give them, We can't blame them because of the delicious taste and a refreshing feeling.
But before drinking!! those beverages we should be aware about the health risks. 

Do you know the sweetener used in those refreshing carbonated drinks is called High Fructose Corn Syrup, it is one of the cheap sweetener used in mass production of those beverages. But high fructose corn syrup is NOT like cane sugar that can be converted into energy that our body need, high fructose corn syrup cannot be digest or convert into energy that is why if you drink a lot of those beverages with HFCS  it will be deposited in your body that can lead to obesity and blood sugar level rises and eventually develop diseases like: 
  • Diabetes Mellitus
  • Metabolic Syndrome
  • Damage to your Immune system
  • Speed Up Aging Process

Drinking too much carbonated drinks will slowly dissolve your bones because of the acid content, you will be prone to bone fracture and osteoporosis, bone shrinkage.

Beverages has preservative called sodium benzoate the cheap preservative used in most of our preserved food and drinks today like:
pickles, peppers, salad dressings, jams, most condiments, vinegar, fruit juices, salsa, dips, shredded cheese, ketchup, or diet or regular soda, mouthwash, toothpaste, cough syrup, cream, lotion, and hundreds of cosmetic products.

this preservative if accumulated can lead to leukemia a blood cancer, chokes out our body's nutrients at the DNA cellular level depriving mitochondria cells of oxygen, and immune system shutdown.

Please if you have a child don't let them drink or eat these unhealthy beverages and foods please always check the product labeling at the back. Your child may at risk of developing diabetes, osteoporosis  and leukemia.
those are some of the health risks if we continue drinking carbonated soft drinks. 

We can't totally take those foods or drinks off on our daily lives but we can PREVENT serious diseases if we have a strong immune system, this can be achieve by gradually converting to healthy life style like eating vegetables, fruits and drink lots of water a day. 

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